Truemist, Leading manufactutrer and supplier of greenhouse misting and fogging system in India.

Horticulture requires environment continuously monitored and controlled for optimal quality and production. Our TrueMist fogging and misting system provides the tools you need to maintain even, constant temperature and humidification – integrated with climate control system seamlessly with your ventilation system and other control element and make effective misting system

TrueMIST Misting and Cooling system uses highly pressurized water flash evaporates as fog when the pressure is maintained between 1000 and 1800 PSI. At this pressure, the water is released in such small micro  particles that it immediately evaporates and absorbs the heat energy from the atmosphere, leaving cool air behind to fall below onto the crop.

Grow year-round in any climate and reduce plant stress — In hot, arid climates, grow successfully through the summer months with the maximum cooling potential. In colder climates, maintain optimal humidity to maintain nutrient uptake and plant health through the heating season.

Optimize propagation — Control the propagation of young plants and seedlings by maintaining constant humidity levels. The correct environment allows faster and more even rooting for maximum output.

Even distribution means even growth and production — Grids of nozzles are positioned strategically throughout the greenhouse. Billions of 10-micron water droplets instantly flash evaporates to cool the air and add humidity, based on your plants’ needs.

Anti-drip design — VAI’s anti-drip nozzle design ensures that there are no drips or excess drain water that can damage crops if not controlled.

Fast, easy installations — Stainless steel or flexible nozzle lines provide versatile design options and make installation a breeze.

Responds to outside climate conditions When the outside climate is not favorable for passive cooling using ridge ventilation, these systems will engage via your environmental control.

Suitable for extreme weather- Evaporative cooling systems are made for use during extreme conditions in gutter-connect and free-standing greenhouses.

Lowers greenhouse temperature- When used in tandem with shade systems, evaporative cooling pads can decrease air temperatures in a greenhouse up to 27 degrees.

  • Increases CO2 absorption-Plants gather carbon needed for growth in the form of carbon dioxide through the leaves; controlling the plants pores through the use of a properly designed misting system can allow for higher levels of CO2 absorption, and therefore more productive and disease free crops. 
  • Suitable for Hydroponic and aeroponic misting system

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