Misting System Pumps

Misting pumps enhance the overall system’s effectiveness to cool outdoor areas as well as indoor areas by creating a finer mist. The smaller water particles in micron droplets size flash evaporate and cool the area quickly up to 12 degrees. Wide range of TrueMist Misting System pumps are perfect for both residential, commercial and industrial applications. Misting Pump starts with pressure range as low as 7 bar (100 PSI) and goes up to 300 bar pressure (4500 PSI).

Misting pumps take your regular hose pressure, which is around 7 bar 100 PSI and raises it to 1000 psi to create the 5 micron sized water droplets that rapidly evaporate cooling off your target area up to 12° C.

Our wide range of misting pumps can be found below from various international brands including

  • CAT Pumps
  • Annovi Reverberi Pumps
  • HAWK
  • Riggers Pumps

Three type of misting system pump available.

  • Low Pressure Misting Pumps (Pressure up to 15 bar / 210 PSI)
  • Mid Pressure Misting Pumps (Pressure range of 16 bar to 40 bar/480 PSI )
  • High Pressure Misting Pumps (Pressure above 40 bar / 500 PSI)

 We offer best misting pumps at affordable price in India used for various application including

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