In many workplaces, high temperature is the cause of both labor and machinery efficiency decline.

Additionally, the floating small particles which are produced by the industrial processing of the materials are a serious problem for the staff’s health and the operation of the machines.

Specialized misting systems can provide a solution to these important industrial problems by using special high pressure pumps that convert water to a cloud, in order to reduce dust in the area.

With the specialized industrial misting systems we have the following advantages:

  •  Suppress floating microbes.
  •  Remove unpleasant smells.
  •  Achieve desired moisture levels.
  •  Temperature drop especially during
  • summer months.
  •  Avoid damages to machinery.
  •  Increased labor efficiency.
  •  Increased production.
  •  Reduced energy cost.
  •  Low operating and maintenance cost.


  • Can they produce good amount of moisture?

Yes they provide sufficient moisture

  • Will the fog wet the floor or area?

No, it’s very fine mist particles and will not cause any wetness

  • How often do I clean the nozzles?

Depends upon usage

  • What are the connectors made of?

Stainless Steel

  • Should a pre-filter be used?

Yes, we also provide it as an add-on option.

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